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Why Volunteer?

The Blue River Watershed Association is operated solely on a hand full of part-time staff and a few volunteers, and yet huge accomplishments are made annually. In 2012, over 10,000 students in nearly 200 Schools on both sides of the Stateline received programs on water quality monitoring, storm water runoff, watersheds, water pollution, and so much more.

It takes a lot of people and a lot of time to make all of this happen, and we need you!

The Blue River Watershed Association is currently hosting a Volunteer Drive!

  • If you like to work with students, always dreamed of working with a chemistry set, like to see a child's face light up because they're having the best day of their life – you would probably love volunteering as a monitoring assistant!
  • Similar to above, if you would like to work with students and love to be outdoors whether it's hot, cold, or simply gorgeous outside, working on the streambanks with students and chemistry " sets" – life just doesn't get any better – then you would probably relish being a creek assistant!
  • If you love to organize things, put papers in place, search through documents and files, don't feel life is quite right unless everything is in its place and there's a place for everything – then you would be pleased as a punch to be an office assistant!
  • If you love to help set up for presentations, give presentations, put packets together, plan for refreshments, and are a former room mother (or father) – then you would be perfect to assist with teacher workshops!

There is a bit of warning to all this – the work is contagious. You won't get paid in dollars, but you will be well rewarded by the smiles from the students, the incredible things they share with you and the delight in the discovery each day. Teachers are just as astounded at the newfound discoveries; don't be fooled. What the Association teaches, and what is discovered daily is simply amazing. 

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