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Blue River Watershed Association Recipient of $100,000 State Farm Youth Advisory Board Service Learning Grant

Bloomington, IL (September 13, 2016) The State Farm Youth Advisory Board (SFYAB) announced on September 13, 2016 that the Blue River Watershed Association (BRWA) was one of 63 grant applications selected to receive the State Farm® Youth Advisory Board Grant from more than 750 applicants.  The Blue River Watershed Association (BRWA) project Kids Investigate, Discover, and Study in Streams (KIDS in Streams) was one of the eight grant recipients representing the South Central region of the United States. KIDS in Streams is a hands-on approach to science-based learning. Through the project, more than 600 sixth graders from the Kansas City Public School District (KCPS), Kansas City, MO will be impacted. Students will participate in the BRWA T.R.U.E. Blue (Teaching Rivers in an Urban Environment), which is a 4-day, 4-lesson water quality program using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Students will also organize and participate in a service-learning project, KC Clean Streams. KC Clean Streams is designed to be both a direct and indirect learning experience for students throughout the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Through this service-learning project students plan, promote, and execute a stream litter cleanup for their school inviting parents and the community. By participating in stewardship activities in local streams and rivers, students realize the importance and responsibility of caring for the environment. Clean Streams is the largest school-led stream cleanup event in the Metro Area, typically involving 10,000 people (students & community members) annually. KC Clean Streams launched in 2001 and has impacted thousands of participants over the last 15 years.

To learn more about the State Farm Youth Advisory Board and their youth leaders visit, view News Release on Facebook at

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