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The Ripple Effect Award was established in 2016 to recognize an individual or organization at the annual fundraiser that has embodied the Blue River Watershed Association mission to restore and protect watersheds through environmental education, community outreach, partnerships, and collaboration through dedicated efforts that have caused a ripple effect of positive change throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.


Recipients of the Ripple Effect Award receive a royal blue water drop award that is layered and surrounded by crystal clear glass symbolizing significant recognition and sacrifice in restoring watersheds. Each award is individually hand crafted, with no two awards identical in size, weight, shape or color, just like the award recipients who will receive this award each year.


Terry Leeds 2018 Ripple Effect Award Recipient

Join us on November 1, 2019 to congratulate Trent & Kim Robinett at the V.I.P reception and program at the annual Water Ball. To get tickets or a table click here ( 

Ripple Effect Award Recipients

Kimberly & Trent Robinett 2019
Terry Leeds 2018
Cargill 2017
Joan Leavens 2016
Jim Benz 2016

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